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Replo supports the concept of workspaces, projects, and members. A workspace in Replo is the hub where your team can work on Replo projects. A project is Replo is a space where you can create, edit,  and publish Replo pages. Members belong to specific workspaces and have access to all projects within that workspace, whereas projects can be shared with individual users.

Workspaces in Replo

Users can see all workspaces they belong to in the workspaces dropdown in the upper left panel of the dashboard. Each workspace contains sub-pages where users can manage projects, workspace members, any workspace-level affiliate codes, and workspace settings. 

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Users can access all workspaces they are a part of in this workspace dropdown. This is also where they can create a new workspace, see their profile details, and logout.

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Workspace Members

On the workspaces members tab, users can see all members that belong to that workspace, add new members, and remove members. There are two permission tiers available at the workspace level - Owner and Member. Owners have access to all actions, such as project/workspace deletion, and billing management. Members have access to view and edit the projects and pages in Replo.

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Affiliates Program

Read more about the workspace-level affiliates program in our docs here.

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Workspace Settings

On the workspace settings tab, you can rename the workspace or delete the workspace.

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Projects in Replo

In Replo, each project is connected to a Shopify shop. Under the All Projects tab, users will see all projects they have access to - including all projects in the workspaces they belong to and any project they've been invited to.

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Users can delete projects using the '...' menu button or on the project settings page within the editor.


Sharing Individual Projects

To share an individual project with a user that doesn't belong to your workspace, select the Share button in the upper right-hand corner. They will ONLY have access to that project, not all the projects in your workspace.

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There is no limit to how many collaborators you can have in your project. There is also no limit to how many projects your user account can be a member of.


Replo is free to use where you can create and publish as many non-published pages/blogs/sections as you'd like. We only start charging once you publish your first page (or blog/section). Replo plans are per store (development stores are free). More info can be found at

Moving Replo Content across Projects

Many users will reuse content across multiple projects or develop content on one dev project and then pull it into a production project when it's ready to be used. Doing so is as easy as copying the components from one project and pasting them into another. This can be done for a full page, a whole section, or a single button needing to be reused.

🗒️ Although content can easily be moved, it's important to know there may be rendering or styling differences caused by variations across the Store's themes. 

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