Browser Support

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Replo commits to supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browser versions that have been released in the last two years. This means that Replo content will look and function consistently across this list of browser versions.

Replo content should function and appear presentable on older versions of modern browsers (excluding IE), but there may be some rendering differences. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Auto-Layout Gap (Flex-Gap) was not supported until iOS v14.1 (released in April 2021) so content might appear scrunched together on earlier iOS versions.
  • Images that are sized with "Wrap Content" or "Fill Available” Width/Height can render unexpectedly on versions of iOS older than v15. If this is an issue, a simple fix is to give the images fixed height and widths (in px), which may adversely affect responsiveness in certain cases.

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