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Pasting Text Styles from Figma to Replo

You can copy text styles directly from any text component and paste them into Replo, so that the font size, weight, line-height, and more are automatically applied. To do this:

  1. In Figma, select the text you want to copy styles for.
  2. In the "Inspect" panel, find "Typography" and click "Copy."
  3. In Replo, select the text component you want to paste styles for.
  4. Under "Text" in the right-side editor panel, click the "three dots" button, then select "Paste From Figma".
  5. Replo will automatically read the styles you copied and apply them to the text.

Pasting SVG icons and illustrations from Figma to Replo

Replo supports pasting SVG content from Figma into Replo to automatically create an SVG image. Since this creates an SVG image in Replo, it's best for small icons, designs, and illustrations, not an entire page layout.

To copy SVGs from Figma into Replo:

  1. Select the content in Figma you want to copy
  2. Right-click and select "Copy/Paste As", then "Copy SVG"
  3. In Replo, select any component and press CMD/CTRL-V to paste.
  4. An SVG image will be pasted next to or inside the component which was selected.

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