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Postscript is a powerful tool that drives conversations and conversions at all stages of the customer journey. With Postscript, you can use SMS Marketing to grow your list, develop your message strategy, deliver customer service, and drive purchases. Replo users can easily add Postscript SMS capture forms into their content with just a few simple steps.

Adding a Postscript Form to Replo Content

  1. First we assume you already have a Keyword created within your Postscript’s Acquisition > Keywords dashboard.
  2. Within Replo, wherever you'd like to add your Postscript form, drag and drop the Postscript component.
  3. In the components Config tab, paste the Keyword ID and Shop ID from the Postscript dashboard.
You can style your Postscript SMS capture form to a degree within Design tab of the Replo editor. Simple things like form width/height, background color are directly editable. 


  • Make sure you've copied the correct Keyword ID and Shop ID from Postscript.

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