Rebuy is an e-commerce personalization engine with a wide variety of features which can help creating engaging shopping experiences. Replo integrates with Rebuy to make sure you can take advantage of Rebuy's features on every Replo page.

Adding Rebuy Components

You can add Rebuy's dynamic widgets to any page or section in Replo. To add a Rebuy widget:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add a Rebuy embed to in the editor.
  2. On the left side of the editor, click the "Components" toggle, then search for "Rebuy"
  3. Drag the component you want into the page.

Learn more about the different types of widgets available in Rebuy's documentation.

Rebuy Smart Cart

Replo automatically integrates with Rebuy's Smart Cart to enable intelligent upsells in a slide-out cart interface.

  • When adding a product to the cart, if you have Rebuy's Smart Cart enabled on your Shopify store, the Smart Cart will automatically open.
  • When redirecting directly to checkout, Replo stops the Smart Cart from opening so that the user isn't distracted by the cart.

For more information on slide-out carts and how to work with them in Replo, see Slide-out Carts.

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