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What's New in the Reploverse (Changelog)

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Week of August 20th

Inside Replo, we're working hard on a lot of new features, performance improvements and support for PDPs being the top of the list. If you've signed up for the PDPs beta, don't worry - we'll be in touch soon to let you play around with it!

  • Say hello to the new Postscript Signup Form Component that allows for seamless integration of PostScript's SMS marketing service on your pages 🎉

  • We've tackled a bunch of performance issues related to fonts, carousels, and hidden components, making your pages load faster 🚀

  • We've made some changes to reduce the size of the pages that Replo generates, especially for images and hidden components. In some cases, this results in page size savings of around 20% 😮

  • When installing Replo, you'll now be redirected directly to the editor for your store - no more unnecessary stops at /home 🎯

  • Fixed an issue where the error popup that showed up when another user had already edited the page was green instead of red - less confusing! 🎈

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select items in lists by clicking the checkboxes ✅

  • Fixed an issue where the source of an image would not get reset in certain conditions, causing potential problems when trying to publish pages after updating large SVG images 🖼️

  • Fixed an issue where Replo sections that were embedded into pages using the Shopify Section component would highlight incorrectly in the editor 🛠️

  • Fixed an issue with long blog paths in the page settings interface would unexpectedly extend beyond their container. Now they're neatly truncated 👌

  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases Google Fonts would not load 🅰️

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the "Design, Config, Interactions" tags would overflow and their spacing would look incorrect

Week of August 14th

  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Data for variant featured images with certain URLs would cause images not to display
  • Fixed an issue where an error popup would show in the editor for certain component configurations even though there was no actual error
  • Fixed an issue where in certain product components, if one of the original variants of the product which was previously selected was deleted in Shopify, then sometimes "placeholder" products would display on the live page.
  • Replo now supports better login URLs, so you'll be automatically redirected to the appropriate place after logging in 🥳
  • Fixed an issue where the display of the selected font in the editor would appear incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the "Option In List Is Unavailable" Statewhere in certain cases the state would now correctly show unless you clicked on another option
  • Fixed an issue where in certain stores, pages would not preview in the editor unless you clicked back and forth between different pages
  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases, the Liquid code that Replo creates would show an error in the Shopify theme code editor
  • Fixed an issue where if you selected "hide header" when creating a new page then switched to creating a section, using that section on a page would still cause the header to be hidden
  • Fixed an issue with Carousels where non-whole numbers like 1.5s for the automatic scroll transition time would not work correctly 🎠
  • We've updated how Dynamic Data works with data collections in Carousels! Instead of having to select the correct type of dynamic data first, you can now just select it from the dynamic data popup just like any other dynamic data in Replo 🥳
  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases the 'role' and 'aria-label' accessibility attributes would not be applied correctly to Icon components
  • Fixed an issue where in the Replo editor if you didn't have access to a project, you'd just see a spinner which would spin forever. Now, there's a helpful screen which lets you know you don't have access to the project 🎊

Week of August 7th

Tons of really great work happened this week - the Replo team is getting the PDPs beta ready for launch and we've rolled out a ton of new integrations and improvements!

  • 🎉 You can now use the Carousel Autoscroll feature more efficiently: the description is dynamic, and the 'to value' is automatically set to the featured image of the selected variant.
  • A brand new accessibility menu has been added for containers! You can access this through Config tab -> Accessibility. 🎊
  • Lots of new updates on third-party integrations! New integrations and embeddable components for Shopify Reviews and Ratings,, Stamped,, and KnoCommerce have landed on your editor. 🤩
  • Fixed a bug with the Replo Marketplace where templates would sometimes incorrectly create new sections
  • Fixed an issue with Replo Marketplace where in certain cases the search functionality would not return any results
  • Fixed an issue with Replo Marketplace where when you loaded certain specific URLs on first page load, the content would not show up correctly
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect metafield recognition which would result in an error in pages which used specific metafield setups
  • Fixed an error related to the Product Options component where in certain configurations, the page would fail to publish
  • Fixed an issue with specific themes where the editor would work incorrectly!


Week of July 31st

We're making some last adjustments before releasing the beta version of creating Shopify PDP templates in Replo! If you're interested, please fill out this form to sign up!

  • widget received some love! It's now more robust to verious types of installation methods for your theme and correctly resizes in the editor preview.
  • An improved flow for sharing and linking to Replo templates is live! Copy a link to the template from the Marketplace, and anyone with a Replo account can import and use it 🚀
  • Fixed an issue with Popup where in certain cases, the background of the page would scroll behind the popup
  • Fixed an issue with the Contact Sales form where the content would not reset after form submission
  • Fixed an issue with the Ticker in right-to-left mode where the animation would look incorrect if there were certain types of images in the Ticker. Now, your tickers will look sleek no matter the direction they're moving 🏄‍♂️.
  • Fixed an issue with Container, where a container would delete itself automatically even if it had a background image 🙌
  • Billing plans are smarter now! They respond correctly to your Shopify store's billing being frozen and unfrozen, part of our effort to bring greater flexibility to your subscription management and better integration with your store's billing plans if you're billed through Shopify 💆‍♀️
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic data values for certain URLs resulted in images not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Shopify page template would sometimes be unexpectedly reset if you changed a setting about the page but didn't publish afterward, resulting in pages that looked "blank." Thank you to the community for reporting this one!
  • Fixed an issue where deleting pages/sections would sometimes not remove the corresponding asset files from the Shopify theme. Now, deleting pages leaves no trace at all in your theme, which helps with theme cleanliness
  • Fixed a bug with the Ticker width calculations which would sometimes produce unsightly "jumping" animations
  • Fixed an issue where names of pages would sometimes become "cut-off" at the first "/" character. Now, your element names will present just as you intended.

Week of July 24th

The team is making a ton of progress towards a beta version of creating Shopify PDP templates in Replo! If you're interested, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

  • New updates for the Carousel component! We've added an easier-to-use config and accessibility tabs 🎉
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Data where URLs would sometimes not be handled correctly 🙌
  • Collapsibles? No longer a closed book! If Collapsible component is inside an Accordion and is set to start opened, it'll do just that at the start.🔓
  • Copying and pasting styles in the editor now includes Image positioning styles 📊
  • Massive editor speed win for pages with lots of metafields - edits for pages with metafields now take half the time in most cases! 💨
  • Fixed an issue with the editor preview where in certain cases, the component's blue outline would be positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace interface where in certain cases the count of templates in some categories would be incorrect
  • Fixed a billing issue where in certain cases if your Shopify store's plan was cancelled, it would still show up that you were on a paid plan for Replo
  • Fixed an issue where very large pages would fail to publish in certain circumstances
  • Fixed those glitchy logos on the Contact Sales page, they're looking sharp now. 👩‍💼
  • Fixed an issue with the Ticker component where in very specific circumstances the animation would not look correct

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