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How to display different product descriptions for variants in Replo

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Step 1: Navigate to your Product Variants

Start by navigating to where you have your product variants. Click on the circular option list to view the outer circle, which represents the variants.

Step 2: Duplicate the Outer Circle

Duplicate the outer circle. This action creates one option for each of your variants.

Step 3: Click on the Description

Click on the description that is being pulled dynamically from your Shopify store. The next step is to create different states for this description.

Step 4: Create States for the Description

Create states for the description. This means that when you click on the first variant, a specific description will show, and when you click on the second variant, a different description will show.

Step 5: Change the Text (description) for Each State

For each state, change the text to match the description you want for that variant. For example, for the "extra small" state, you might enter a description like "Extra small description."

Step 6: Select the Variant and Add an Interaction

For each variant:

  1. Select the variant (e.g., "extra small").
  2. Click on "Interaction" and then "Unclick."
  3. Choose the "Activate State" interaction.
  4. Select the component (in this case, the product description for this specific variant).
  5. Select the state (e.g., "extra small").
  6. Click "Save."

Repeat this process for each variant.

Step 7: Preview the Changes

Go to preview mode to see the changes. Each variant should now display a different product description.

And that's it! You've successfully set up different product descriptions for each of your product variants in Replo.


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