How can I translate my Replo pages into different languages?

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Replo doesn't have a native translation feature that we can offer at this time. That said, there are third-party tools that can help with this process.



Getting started with Weglot


Integrating WeGlot into your Replo pages

Recommended method: Manually install Weglot into your Shopify Theme

Weglot has a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to do this.


If you only want to add Weglot translator to specific Replo pages:

This method only works for Pages in Replo.

  • Go into your Weglot dashboard > Settings > Setup menu, and copy the JS Code snippetweglot.png


  • Go to your Replo dashboard and open the Project you want to apply translations to. 
  • Left-click the page you want translations on > click "Edit Page Settings".Frame 1.png


  • Go to the "Advanced" Tab and paste the JS Code snippet from your Weglot dashboard into the custom page <head> field. Save page settings. skljfla.png


  • Confirm that Weglot is successfully installed by previewing your page or viewing the live website and checking for a translator toggle at the bottom right corner of your screen. Frame 2.png


Video walk-through of how to use WeGlot's Editor:


Tips and known issues

The Replo page may have some inconsistencies in terms of layout when visited in language A or B.

E.g., text in language A will just be 200 characters while text in language B will be over 250 characters.

This can lead to the text going off the screen if the text component/container is not set up correctly.

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