How can I translate my Replo pages into different languages?

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Replo doesn't have a native translation feature that we can offer at this time. That said, there are third-party tools that can help with this process.


Getting Started with WeGlot and Replo

  • Log in your Shopify Store Admin.
  • Create an account on
  • Install the app on your Shopify Store
  • Launch WeGlot from Shopify Apps

  • Select the Language(s) for your Store, here:


Manual Adjustments

There are two ways to do manual adjustments inside of WeGlot.

Option 1

  • Click on ‘Edit my translations’ to edit on plain text.
  • Click on the language option to enter to the editor, e.g. ‘English > Spanish’

  • Then, you will be taken to this screen.

  • On the left you will see the original content, on the right the content that you can change.


Option 2

  • Click on ‘Start editing’ button

  • Paste the LIVE PAGE URL on the top left bar. This is the URL of the page you want to edit.

  • To edit a text or image, hover over it and click the 'edit pencil' option that appears.

  • Now you can change the content.

  • On the left side you will see the original content. On the right side the translated content.

Video Walk Through

Tips and Known issues

The Replo page may have some inconsistencies in terms of layout when visited in language A or B.

E.g., text in language A will just be 200 characters while text in language B will be over 250 characters.

This can lead to the text going off the screen if the text component/container is not set up correctly.

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