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Are Replo pages fast?

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Replo pages take advantage of modern web technology such as server-side rendering to ensure that the content of your page is delivered to your customers as quickly as possible. We follow best web development practices such as JavaScript bundle optimization, minified liquid, and image lazy-loading.

Replo does not add code to your Shopify theme files. Instead, Replo has its own files and scripts for its own pages. Our components are purpose built with lightning-fast load times in mind.


The loading time of any page depends on many different factors such as: 

- Media content (e.g, images, gifs and videos)

- Number of components added to the page, and their nesting levels (components inside another.)

- Third-party apps installed on the store (some apps have their code run across all your pages whether they are being used or not on those pages)

- The server hosting your domain and its settings

- The device and network it's being accessed from

You can also learn more about speed optimization here.


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