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Does Replo leave around unused files in my Shopify store's theme?

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When Replo is installed on your store, it will add one theme file, page.replo.fullpage.liquid, which is the default page template for Replo pages. When you publish Replo content (like pages, sections, etc), Replo creates page templates, section files, and other support files that are necessary for the content to work. Replo only adds files that are completely necessary, and will never add useless files or liquid content that influences pages other than the ones created in Replo.

When content is deleted in Replo, Replo automatically removes any theme files associated with that content.

When Replo is uninstalled, Shopify does not enable Replo to clean up unused files, so they may stay around unless they're removed manually. To completely clear your theme of Replo files:

  1. Inspect your theme.liquid and insure there are no references to replo-head.liquid
  2. You can safely remove all theme files which start with "replo"

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