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Can I edit the code of a Replo page?

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Each Replo page has it's own file. Replo page's code is automatically updated when a change is made to it in Replo editor. This will overwrite any changes to the file itself!

Instead, you can insert custom HTML/Liquid in the Replo editor. 

Head tag

You can head to the page configuration:


Then choose the advanced tab and add your codes on the field below.

If you need to add JavaScript, use <script> tags, if you need to add CSS, use <style> tags.

The codes will sit on the <head> tag of your page HTML.



Body tag

You can add to your page (via drag/drop) an HTML or Liquid component (depending on what you need), these components will sit on the body tag of your page HTML.

You can find mentioned components, here:







Learn more about both components, here:

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