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How to embed a Vimeo video

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The Vimeo video embed component is made to help you make your page look better, share more digital content like videos.


1. Find it and add it to the page.

First, you need to find the component on the components library, then drag and drop it to your page.



2. Configure it.

Now, we can go to the CONFIG tab to find all the options of this component.


2.1 Vimeo video URL.

Here is where you will add the URL of the Vimeo video.

The URL will be something like "", avoid using links having 'player' or 'embed' on it as they may not work as intended.

The source of the video can also be set dynamically.


2.2 Controls

On this option you can choose to display or not the controls for the video: play button, pause button, full screen option and so on.


2.3 Autoplay

Enabling this option will automatically mute the video (it will enable 'defaulted muted' option below) and enable 'autoplay' option (this means that the video will start playing without user interaction).

The mute option is enabled by default as most browsers nowadays require videos to be muted if you want them to autoplay on their own.


2.4 Autoloop

This option will make the video to start playing after it ends, over and over again on a loop.


2.5 Defaulted muted

This option will simply mute the video which means that it will have no sound.

It is possible to make it sound again by using the volume control button.


3. Style it.

You can style the Vimeo Video embed component by using any of the design options.



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