Why is my product missing from our live Replo page?

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Sometimes a product from your Shopify store doesn't appear on a live page created by Replo. In order for you to display a product on the product page you need to have this product visible on its own product page on Shopify.


Common Causes & Resolutions

The product is not yet live on Shopify

To check if a product is live on your Shopify store, navigate to the product under the "Products" section of your Shopify store. On that page if there is not a "View" button in the top right hand corner, the product isn't live.

An example of a live product


An example of a product that is not yet live

Setting this to a live product will allow it to appear on Replo created pages.


The product is created a by a third-party tool that hasn't created a live product page

Using the above steps, you can identify whether your product is live. If that product was created by a third-party tool (e.g, Bundles) you may need to use a Custom HTML component to enable it's use on Replo. Please write in to our team for help!

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