Page Settings

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You can access a menu of additional settings for pages on your Replo dashboard by clicking the drop-down menu to the right of the page's name at the top of your dashboard.


Basic Page Settings

Page Name

Sets the name of your page.


Set the URL of your page when published

Is Published

Toggle to make your page publicly available

Set As Homepage

Toggle to make your page the homepage of your store

SEO Page Title

SEO specific page title

SEO Page Featured Image

SEO specific feature image

SEO Description

SEO specific description of your page

Hide Announcement Bar

Toggle to hide your Shopify themes announcement bar on this page.

Hide/Show Header/Footer

Configuration options for display or hiding, in any combination, your header/footer from your Shopify theme


Advanced Page Settings

Hide Page from SEO

Hides your page from being indexed by search engines like Google

Custom Page <head>

A place to enter custom HTML before the closing </head> tag in your Shopify theme.

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