Using Template Defaults in Replo

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In this document, we'll walk you through how to access and use Template Defaults to streamline your design workflow and maintain consistency between your Shopify theme and Replo projects.

What are Template Defaults?

Template Defaults allow you to create any page or section in Replo using style elements automatically pulled in from your Shopify theme. 

Accessing Template Defaults

To access Template Defaults:

  1. Open the Replo editor.

  2. Look for the Diamond icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the editor.

  3. Click on the Diamond icon to enter the Template Defaults feature.

Updating from Shopify

Once you're inside the Template Defaults feature, you'll notice a button that says "Update from Shopify." This button is your gateway to bringing in key style information directly from your Shopify template. When you click it, Replo will automatically retrieve the following information from your Shopify template:

  • Branding details (logo, name)
  • Primary button styles
  • Placeholder or background images
  • and more!

Applying Template Defaults

Now that you've imported your Shopify styles into Replo, here's how to apply them when creating a page or section using a Replo template:

  1. Create a new page or section using a Replo template.

  2. Within the template details for any of our templates, you'll see a toggle switch labeled "Use Template Defaults." Turn this toggle on.

  3. Create your new page or section. It will now adopt all the default styles you imported from your Shopify account.

Making Updates from Shopify

One of the great things about Template Defaults is its flexibility. If you make changes to your Shopify theme, you can easily sync those changes with Replo:

  1. Make the desired updates in your Shopify theme (e.g., changing button colors).

  2. Save your changes in Shopify.

  3. Return to your Replo editor.

  4. Click "Update from Shopify" again. This will refresh the styles within Replo to match the updated Shopify theme.

Additionally, if you want to deviate from your Shopify styles for a particular element, you can manually adjust the style settings within Replo. Simply make the changes you want, then click the "Update" button to save your customized template defaults.

Beta Information

Please note that Template Defaults is currently in beta. We welcome your feedback to help us improve this feature further. If you have questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out. You can provide feedback and engage with our community in the Beta Template Defaults channel on our Community Slack.

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