How to convert an existing Replo landing page to a product template

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Turn any existing Replo landing page into a dynamic product template that can be utilized across various products in your Shopify brand.

Who Can Access This Feature

Product templates are available for anyone on the Standard plan and above. You can read more about our pricing here.



Understanding Replo Product Templates

Replo product templates allow you to standardize the layout and design of your product pages. By converting a high-converting landing page into a product template, you can ensure design consistency and high-quality presentation across all your products.



Imagine you've designed a successful landing page for a specific product or collection, and you want to extend this design to all other product pages in your store. Replo allows you to replicate this design and apply it dynamically to different products.

How to Convert a Landing Page into a Product Template in Replo

  1. Select or Create a Product Template
    • In your Replo dashboard, navigate to the "Product Template" section.
    • Create a new product template by clicking on "Create Product Template." Name it appropriately (e.g. “Favorite Product Template.")
  2. Choose Products for the Template
    • You can select specific products to apply your new template to during the creation process. This step is optional as the template can be assigned to products later.
  3. Copy Existing Landing Page Design
    • Go to the "Pages" section and open the landing page you want to convert.
    • Copy the entire page (using Command+C on Mac or Control+C on Windows, or by clicking "Copy").
  4. Apply Design to Product Template Return to the "Product Templates" section and select your newly created template. Paste the copied design into the template (using Command+V on Mac or Control+V on Windows, or by clicking "Paste").
  5. Link the product components on the page to the Template Product Find the product component on the page, and use the dynamic data toggle to link the product to the "Template Product". This will link all the product information on the page to the the instance of the product that's currently shown in the product template.
  6. Review and Edit The design from the landing page will now be applied to your product template. You can scroll through different products to preview how they will look with the new design. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the template suits all products. Since the content is dynamic, it will automatically update to reflect the specific details of each product

  7. Publish the page Once satisfied with the design, click "Publish”. This action will set your new product page template live, and it will be used for all selected products.

Dynamic Content Handling

Replo ensures that all content on your new product pages is dynamic. This means product-specific details (like images, descriptions, and prices) will automatically populate based on the product being viewed by the customer.

Converting landing pages into product templates in Replo not only ensures design consistency across your product range but also leverages proven designs to enhance customer experience and conversion rates. This method also promotes team collaboration, as the templates are easily editable within Replo, allowing for seamless updates and improvements.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

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