How do I add product reviews to my Replo product template?

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How to Add Review Components into Replo

Different Types of Review Components

In Replo, you can add various review components to your product templates, including —

  • Product Reviews: This component displays all the customer reviews submitted for your product. This also usually includes a form to allow customers to submit their reviews directly on the product page.
  • Product Ratings: This shows the aggregate star rating of your product. Usually you should add this at the top of the page.

Follow these steps to add review components to your PDPs in Replo:

  1. Access Components: In the Replo editor, click on “Components” on the left-hand menu.
  2. Search for Review App: Type in the name of your review app (e.g., "Junip") in the search bar.
  3. Select Component: Choose between different components like 'Product Reviews' or 'Product Ratings. Drag the component onto your PDP template page. Ensure you place it inside a product component.
  4. Customize Appearance: Most review components are customizable within their respective apps and will automatically reflected those changes in the Replo editor. For further customization, you can use the custom CSS editor in Replo.
  5. Preview With Different Products: As you toggle through different products in the Replo editor, the review components will update automatically to reflect each product's ratings and reviews. Once you're satisfied with the setup, publish your PDP template to make the changes live.

How do I edit the designs of specific components?

To select which reviews are shown/hidden, you will follow the process you have followed within each review app’s respective dashboard/app admin page.

What happens when a product using one of these templates doesn’t have reviews?

If a product without any reviews uses a PDP Template built in Replo and contains a review widget, it will show whatever defaults the review widget shows. In most cases, this is “No Reviews” or “Be The First To Write A Review!”

image (15).png

Okendo review widget on a product without any reviews. For a full list of integrations, please visit our integrations page.

Some other review apps have different defaults. For example will show reviews for other products on your store. You should be able to adjust this within the Fera admin.

image (17).pngimage (16).png

For specific details on how reviews are shown/hidden, please visit the documentation for your specific review app.

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