Replo customers use as a tool for optimizing their online store pages. Nostra implements several features for things like page speed - edge caching, automatic image optimization, etc.

Using ?skipcache=1 to see updates to Replo pages

Because Nostra caches content for speed, if you're using Replo on a site with Nostra installed, you may not see updates to published pages until they've expired from the cache. By default for most stores, Nostra sets this time to 30 minutes, which means you'd ordinarily only be able to see published updates after 30 minutes.

To work around this when your pages are in the process of being built, you can use the ?skipcache =1 URL parameter to bypass Nostra's cache. For example, if your page URL is, you'd use as a URL to go to to see the latest published changes. This URL will always display the latest content, regardless of Nostra's caching.

Using Nostra's dashboard to invalidate the cache

If you've published a Replo page and you want to make sure all visitors see it right now, you can use your Nostra dashboard to clear the cache. This will ensure that all visitors see the last published content from Replo.

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