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The Replo Marketplace is where you can find and share high-converting landing page templates and sections. If you want to find inspiration or start working from a complete landing page immediately, you can find templates from in the Replo Marketplace that are inspired by leading e-commerce brands, created by the Replo community.

How do I access the Replo Marketplace?

You can find the Replo Marketplace in your dashboard by clicking the "Browse" globe button or the Templates button under components.

What types of templates can I find in Replo?

Replo offers a long list (hundreds!) of templates. These templates can be:

  1. Full pages - a long form offer page, Product pages, listicles
  2. Sections - FAQs, Testimonials, hero images, and more

Replo Marketplace templates are also grouped by industry, type, and highest converting. If you want, you can browse the full list of templates directly on 

How can I share a template with people outside of my team using the Replo Marketplace?

In addition to housing a selection of the best landing page templates curated by Replo, the marketplace is also where you can share templates of your own with other Replo users outside of your project or workspace.

To share a template of a page or component right click on the component on your Replo dashboard and click "Created Saved Component."

Next, choose "Share With Others" and then give your template a name, and choose a category that best reflects the type of template you've created.

Finally, click "Create Component" and you're all set. You can now find your template in the "Shared" tab in the marketplace. There you can click "add" to use it in your workspace, or click "URL" to share it with other Replo customers.

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