Preserving URLs using Page Redirects

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This guide explains how to preserve existing page paths in Shopify while redirecting them to new content. This is particularly useful for maintaining SEO rankings and retaining URL engagement, such as accumulated likes on social media platforms.

Reasons for URL Preservation

  • SEO Benefits: Keeping the original URL can help maintain your page ranking on search engines.
  • Social Media Engagement: URLs with accumulated likes and shares can retain their social proof.
  • Consistency: Ensures users and external links can still find your content even after it has been updated or moved.

Setting Up Redirects

Step 1: Identifying the Existing URL

Identify the URL of the page you wish to preserve. This URL will be redirected to the new content without changing the address seen by visitors.

Step 2: Creating Redirects in Shopify

  1. Navigate to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Go to Online Store > Navigation.
  3. Select URL Redirects.
  4. Click on Create URL Redirect.
  5. Enter the existing URL you wish to preserve in the Redirect from field.
  6. Input the new page's path in the Redirect to field.
  7. Save the redirect.

Step 3: Ensure the URL isn't Referenced by an Existing Page

If you have an existing page referencing the URL you're redirecting (for example, "/pages/my-page"), then the redirect won't work. Find that page in Shopify Admin, then unpublish or delete it in order to make the redirect work.

Step 3: Ensuring the Redirect Works

After setting the redirect, ensure that the original page is either deleted or unpublished in Shopify. This step is crucial as Shopify prioritizes existing pages over redirects.

Advanced: Setting Up A/B Tests with Redirects

Experiments (A/B Testing) allows you to redirect traffic between two different pages to test variations in content, design, or functionality.

Step 1: Creating an Experiment

  1. Go to Project Settings > Experiments in your Shopify admin.
  2. Create a new experiment and select the pages you want to test between.

Step 2: Implementing the Redirect

  1. Use the experiment URL as the Redirect to path when creating a URL redirect.
  2. Ensure to clear your cache and cookies to see the redirect in action.


Using URL redirects in Shopify allows you to preserve valuable URLs while updating or changing your site's content. This method supports maintaining SEO rankings, social media engagement, and consistent user experience. For A/B testing, redirects can be used to seamlessly distribute traffic between different page variations.

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