How do I create a new Workspace in Replo?

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This guide provides a step-by-step process for creating a new workspace in Replo. Workspaces in Replo allow teams to collaborate on projects by providing a shared environment for project management and development. Follow these steps to start your new workspace.

  1. Initiate Workspace Creation from Workspace Dropdown: To create a new workspace in Replo, open the workspace dropdown in the upper left corner of the dashboard and select "Add new workspace"
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  2. Setting up Your Workspace: Upon choosing to create a new workspace, you will be prompted to enter essential information about your workspace, such as its name. The user creating the workspace automatically becomes the 'Owner' of the workspace. 
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  3. Workspace Creation Confirmation: After entering the necessary details and confirming the creation, your new workspace will be established. You will then have the opportunity to customize the workspace, invite team members, and start creating projects within this new environment

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