How can I move a project across workspaces?

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Are you looking to rearrange your digital Replo environment for better organization or efficiency? If you're an Owner of a workspace in Replo, you have the capability to move projects between workspaces. This guide walks you through the process and outlines the key considerations to keep in mind.


  • Role: The ability to move projects is exclusively available to users who have the Owner role in their respective workspaces.

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Projects

  1. Check Integration Limits: Before attempting to move a project, it's important to verify the integration limits of the target workspace. Each workspace may have a set number of allowable integrations (e.g., Shopify), which could affect your ability to move a project seamlessly. You can see more about the integration limits in our Pricing Documentation.
  2. Initiate Project Transfer: Locate the project that you want to move from the project list and select the '...' menu. Select the 'Move' option.move project.png
  3. Select the Target Workspace: After initiating the move, you will be prompted to select the new workspace where you want the project to reside. Make sure this workspace has the capacity to handle additional integrations. You can see integration limits based on plans in the Pricing Tiers documentation.
  4. Confirm the Move: Review all details and confirm the move. It’s a good practice to notify any team members who might be affected by this change to avoid any workflow disruptions.

Handling Errors

  • Integration Limit Errors: If the target workspace cannot support additional integrations, you might encounter an error message. This will occur especially if the project you are moving has active integrations that exceed the target workspace's limits. In such cases, consider upgrading the integration capacity of the target workspace or modifying the project to fit within the existing limits before attempting to move it again.

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