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Detecting Replo Content with Liquid

Replo produces a standardized template which includes replo. in the template. Pages To detect whether the current page is a Replo page in Liquid, you can use the following snippet: {% if contains "replo" %} <!-- Put HTML w...

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Custom Development with Replo

As a developer, Replo allows you to infinitely customize your pages using the Custom HTML and Liquid components and Run Javascript. When creating customizable components using these tools, there are several considerations to keep in mind...

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Detecting the Replo Editor in your Theme

This page is intended for Shopify theme developers. If your store has very custom styling, it may sometimes be appropriate to apply different styling to pages when the pages are rendered in the Replo editor. For example, your theme m...

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Custom Theme Deployment

This page is intended for Shopify theme developers. If your store has a custom-developed Shopfiy theme deployment process, there are a few things to be aware of when integrating with Replo. Replo Templates For most pages, Replo create...

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Browser Support

Replo commits to supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browser versions that have been released in the last two years. This means that Replo content will look and function consistently across this list of browser versions. Replo c...

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Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is an important factor for how your customers experience your store and especially your landing pages. We’ve worked hard to ensure your Replo content is optimized for page speed. If you’re experiencing poor page speeds, th...

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