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How to Truncate Long Product Description Using State

Setting Up the 'Read More' Button: Begin by adding a container right below the product description. Add a text element with the label "Read More". Add a chevron down icon next to the text to indicate expandability. Name the container...

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How to hide a page from SEO

Replo offers the ability to hide a page from SEO. To do that, navigate to "Page Settings" menu on the page you'd like to hide and then select  "Advanced." From there, you can toggle toggle for “Hide Page from SEO.”   This tells the searc...

My sticky header isn't sticking

The most common reason a sticky header isn't sticking on your Replo page is because of a conflict with your theme, or another element you've added in Replo. Typically this is a CSS setting with overflow: hidden or overflow: scroll on yo...

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Can I link directly to a specific variant on my page?

Replo supports the native Shopify linking functionality for variants. That means you can add a variant={variant_id} param to the end of specific URL to link directly to a specific variant. More here

How to order states

If you are using multiple states, and seeing unexpected behavior, it may be related to the order of your individual states. How does the order of states work? States are evaluated left to right. The order of states can be moved by draggi...

Is it better to use Shopify sections or components to create re-usable elements?

Which type of approach is right depends somewhat on the goals you have in mind. This advice is broad! If you'd like more specific advice, please reach out. Saved Components - (in the left bar under "Saved") are often better if you need ...

Can I use Replo if I am using another page builder?

Yes! You can absolutely use Replo in addition to other page builder tools. Replo's code only runs on Replo generated content (like pages, blog posts, etc.) That means it won't be any impact on other assets on your shop.

How to create a sticky header bar

To create a sticky header bar in Replo, you can use "Sticky" positioning with an optional offset from the top of the page.

How to create a sticky header

Select the container component you want to make sticky Navigate to the "Positioning" menu on the right hand panel Choose "Sticky" from the dropdown Then choose "Top" from the "Sticky to" dropdown 

How to create a sticky footer

Select the container component you want to make sticky Navigate to the "Positioning" menu on the right hand panel Choose "Sticky" from the dropdown Then choose "Bottom" from the "Sticky to" dropdown 

Why isn't the discount code appearing on my cart?

Discounts won't typically appear until the check-out page. Some Shopify themes have this feature, however.   If you're discount code still isn't appearing on the check-out page, check out this article.

My Replo password isn't working

  You can request a Replo password reset here. If your Shopify password isn't working, you'll need to reach out to the Shopify team for help.

How do I change which currency is displayed to my customers?

Replo is not able to override the currency that Shopify displays for your customers. We can only display the currency set on the backend of your Shopify store. You can read more about this on Shopify's help docs.

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How uninstall Replo from your Shopify store

You can uninstall an Replo from your store from the Apps and sales channels page in your Shopify admin. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels. Find Replo and click Uninstall. In the message that appears, clic...

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Does Replo store any personally identifiable information (PII?)

Replo does not store any customer personally identifiable information (PII) outside of your Replo account information. Your customer data does not process through Replo. Instead Replo persists HTML out.

I have an issue with overflow or horizontal scroll on the mobile version of my page

If your page is appearing incorrectly on mobile and requiring a horizontal scroll (sometimes called overflow) to view it on mobile, it's likely an issue with components or containers using a fixed width. If a container has a fixed width ...

How can I create a sticky add to cart button?

If you want to have a add to cart button that is "stick" and scrolls with your customer along the page, you can build one with Replo! Select the button component you want to make sticky Navigate to the "Positioning" menu on the right ha...

How can I A/B test with Replo?

Replo does not have a native A/B testing feature. Instead, we recommend using a third-party tool to run A/B tests and help track and improve your page's performance. We work auto-magically with Google Optimize, but Google has announced t...

Can Replo copy a store for me?

No, Replo does not copy other stores for you, nor does it let people copy your store. You can use templates inspired by successful brands to quickly build high-converting landing pages however.

Why is my product missing from our live Replo page?

Sometimes a product from your Shopify store doesn't appear on a live page created by Replo. In order for you to display a product on the product page you need to have this product visible on its own product page on Shopify.   Common Caus...

How to add a countdown timer to your page

Replo has a built-in countdown timer component that you can add to your pages. You can find the countdown timer in the components library of your Replo dashboard.   To Add a Countdown Timer: Navigate to the page you want to add a Countd...

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What limitations are there for images used in Replo?

Image Size Limitations Images uploaded to Replo are automatically uploaded to your Shopify store. That means those images are subject to Shopify's restrictions. Shopify limits images on two dimensions megapixels and file size. Images upl...

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Why is my text color different on my live site vs. the Replo editor

If the text on your live Shopify site looks different than how it appears in the Replo editor, this is usually a conflict with your theme. Reach out and we can help resolve this.   Alternatively, you can use this HTML snippet in a Custom...

Why isn't my button interaction working?

Common problems with button interactions Here are some examples of common reasons the button interactions aren't working as expected. Multiple interactions set in a small click area For example, two different interactions on the button a...

How to use the switch component with a collapsible component?

  You make combine the power of our switch and collapsible components by following these steps. Walkthrough Navigate to the switch component on your page Add a toggle collapsible interaction to it Add a custom state to your switch, and ...

What are the different types of states?

The Different Types of States There are several different types of states that can be added to a component. Hover The most common type of state. This state is active when the user hovers over the component with their mouse. Pixels From T...

How to add a state to a component

To Add a State to a Component: Select the component you want to add a state to. Find "States" at the top of the right bar of editor. Click the "+" button to add a state. To add a Hover state, click the "On Hover" option. To add a diffe...

How to add an interaction

To add an interaction to a component: Find the component you want to make interactive and click to select it On the right side of the editor, find the "Interactions" tab at the top. Determine what type of interaction you want to add: O...

How to add a "shop the look"/hover for more information interaction

You can utilize the active state interaction to recreate the "shop the look" style interaction seen on many websites. This allows you to hover over an element on your page, and have a "information pop-out" appear. Example Setup This req...

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How can I get in contact with Replo support?

The Replo Support Team is available via email at or via live chat on any Replo page by clicking the chat button (show below.)     You can also drop a message on the 'ask questions' channel on our Community Slack, which...

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