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Shopify Metafields help you add and store additional structured information for your store and products. For example, you can store additional information about a product, such as features, specifications, and size charts. If you sell grocery items, you can use metafields to add and display the expiration dates of items.

All the metafields you have created on Shopify can be fetched and displayed on all your Replo pages using Dynamic Data.

How To Display Your Metafields Data On Replo Pages

  1. Ensure you have correctly stored the added metafields in your Shopify admin.
  2. Drag a Text component into a Product container configured to point at a product with metafields configured.
  3. Select the text component, then from the right side tab, select dynamic data as the source by clicking on the four dots icons
    Metafield Dynamic Data Config
  4. Choose the specific data source. In this case, select Current Product > Metafields. This will allow you to view all available metafields for that product. You can also select metafields associated with a variant.
    Metafield Dynamic Data Modal Gif
  5. Click on “Use Dynamic Property” and the data will be updated for that component on the editor.

Only Metafields of type single_line_text_field, multi_line_text_field, number_decimal, number_integer, color, url, and file_reference work within Replo. Any other metafield types are NOT pulled in via the dynamic data functionality.

That’s how you can access and display your metafields on Replo using the corresponding components. If everything is correctly setup and you are still not seeing your metafields data, please contact the Replo Support Team for assistance.

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