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Replo supports editing posts on your Shopify store's blogs.

Every Shopify store includes the ability to run a custom blog on your store's site. A Shopify blog post, sometimes called an "article," is any post that lives at the /blogs/ path in your store's URL (for example, /blogs/news/my-first-post). Blogs are commonly used for marketing content, like highlighting features of your product, or discussions of related concepts in your industry.

To create a new blog post

  1. In the Replo editor, find "Posts" in the left-side menu.
  2. Click the "+" button to add a new blog post.
  3. Configure the settings for your blog post - you can set a title, featured image, SEO meta description, and more. If you have multiple blog feeds on your store, you can also choose the feed to add the post to.
  4. Click "Choose Template" to choose a template to start your post with
  5. Click "Create Blog Post" to create your post.

To duplicate a blog post

  1. In the Replo editor, find "Posts" in the left-side menu and select the post you want to duplicate.
  2. Right-click on the post and select "Duplicate Post". You can select the name for the duplicated post, and the duplicated post's URL path.
  3. Click "Duplicate" to create the new post. The duplicated post is an exact copy of the old post.

To publish a blog post

  1. In the Replo editor, find "Posts" in the left-side menu and select the blog you want to publish.
  2. Click the "Publish" button. You can click the "View Live Page" button to view the blog post live, just like you would with a page.

Limitations of blog posts in Replo

Replo allows you to edit a blog post just like any other page in Replo, but when using products in blog posts, there's one limitation: if you use a Product component in your blog post, product details like, price, variants, description, and more aren't able to update automatically.

If you update product details for products which are included in a blog post, then you'll need to re-publish the blog post from Replo in order for the new product details to be displayed.

Blog Post Templates

Replo does not currently support creating and editing blog post templates, only the blog posts themselves. 

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