Infinite Options

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Infinite Options allows merchants to extend the customization options of any product in their store. From select dropdowns to text inputs to file uploads, you can allow a customer to provide a greater level of detail when requesting the purchase of a product.


To add the Infinite Options component to your Replo Page:

  1. Make sure that you have Infinite Options installed on your Shopify store, with at least one Option Set configured and published. You can read more about this process here.
  2. In your Replo editor, find any Product Container that you would like to add the Infinite Options component to.
  3. Search in the components tab for "Infinite Options" and drag and drop the component to your Product Container.



  • Please note that the Infinite Options component can only appear in a Product Container, and it will not render inside of the Replo Editor.
  • If you are not seeing your Infinite Options component appearing on the published page, be sure to check that the assigned product matches the parameters of your published option set. 

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