Editing Replo Sections in the Shopify Theme Editor

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Replo now allows you to edit specific content for Replo Sections directly in the Shopify Theme Editor!

Certain components within Replo sections—such as text, images, and redirect URLs—can be viewed and edited directly in the pages you manage within the Shopify Theme Editor. This integration simplifies the process of customizing content across various pages while maintaining consistent design elements.


How to Enable

To make a section editable in the Shopify Theme Editor:

  1. Navigate to the create or edit modal for 'Shopify Sections' within Replo.
  2. Look for the option to make the section editable and toggle it on. This setting allows you to modify the section directly in Shopify after publishing.Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 9.53.03 PM.png

When you navigate into the Shopify Theme Editor, you will see a message that this section was created with Replo, as well as a link to the original Replo Section if you want to make any changes. 

You can then update content such as the text, images, and any redirect to links. Styling with be maintained in Replo, but you can update the content as you please!

  • Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 9.54.43 PM.png

Features Included

  • Direct Editing: Once enabled, sections can be updated directly within the Shopify Theme Editor.
  • Consistent Labels: The component headers in Shopify reflect the labels used in Replo, ensuring familiarity and ease of navigation.
  • Style Editing: Basic text styling such as bold, italics, and hyperlinking is supported to enhance the visual appeal of text components.

Common Errors and Gotchas

  1. Exceeding Character Limits: If you exceed 5000 characters in a text component or apply multiple styles to a single textbox, a warning modal will prompt you with the option to resolve the issue or "publish anyways."April 24 Screenshot from Notion.png
  2. File Size Limit: The Replo editor will alert you if your section's file size exceeds the 256kb limit, preventing publication until the issue is resolved.
  3. Non-editable Components: Dynamic data-driven components, such as those linked to product information, are not editable to avoid data inconsistencies.


Q1: What happens if I republish a section already edited in Shopify?

Changes to text are preserved, while design and style updates are applied to existing components.

Q2: Can I have two identical editable sections on one page?

Yes, identical settings can be applied to multiple sections on the same page, allowing for uniform yet customizable designs.

Q3: What are the editing restrictions for text components?

Only basic HTML tags for bold, italics, and links are supported. Other styles or tags may not function as expected.

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