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How do I install Replo?

To get started installing Replo, install the Replo app from the Shopify App Store. For more information, see Adding Replo to Your Shopify Store.

How customizable are Replo pages?

Replo's goal is to enable complete and total customization of every page in your store down to the pixel, which means Replo pages are extremely customizable. Replo's customizability is unique among Shopify page building products - some products allow you to create pages with custom content, but don't allow full customization of that content. Every Replo page is fully customizable down to every last color and spacing.

What types of pages can Replo create?

Replo supports the following page types:

  • Shopify standard pages (pages starting with /pages/ in their URL addresses)
  • Shopify store homepages
  • Shopify blog posts
  • Coming Soon! Shopify product description page (PDP) templates (please reach out to if you'd like to be a part of the beta)

Do Replo pages work with my existing analytics?

Yes! Since Replo pages work the same as if a page in your Shopify theme had been custom-developed, all analytics (from Shopify and from third-party apps and services) will work on Replo pages.

Will Replo slow down my Shopify Store?

Absolutely not! Unlike some other pagebuilders, Replo never adds unnecessary Javascript to your store, so your store's load speed isn't affected at all by installing Replo.

Are Replo pages fast to load?

Absolutely. Replo pages use a technique called server-side rendering (standard in modern web engineering) to ensure that the content of your pages doesn't need to wait on any other resources to load. Replo also uses several other techniques to optimize the assets that need to load on Replo pages (including javascript bundle optimization and image lazy-loading), to ensure the fastest load time possible. Read more about Speed Optimization for Replo Pages.

Are Replo pages accessible?

Yes! Replo pages follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which outline the best practices to enable accessible web pages. Replo users have conducted independent accessibility audits of their Replo pages to ensure their compliance with these standards.

Here are some frequently asked-about accessibility features that come built-in on every Replo page:

  • Replo can set alternative text for images, icons, and other content to properly support screen readers.
  • Replo provides controls to render text content (paragraphs, headings, lists, etc) in accordance with web standards so that it can be read by screenreaders.
  • Interactivity in Replo pages follows the correct Accessible Rich Internet Applications standards, allowing correct keyboard navigation.

I have custom requirements for my Shopify store. Does Replo support them?

The Replo team has worked with a variety of Shopify stores which have custom integration requirements. If your store has custom requirements, please reach out to so our team can provide more information on whether Replo can support your store.

What happens if I exceed the limit for my pricing plan?

Replo determines your plan based on the number of published pages/blogs & sections on your project. You won't be able to publish new pages/blogs & sections once you've hit the limit of your plan until you upgrade.

Please see our Pricing Page for more details.

What happens if I remove Replo from my Shopify Store?

If you remove Replo from your Shopify store, existing Replo pages will continue to be available unless you delete them in Shopify Admin. However, you won't be able to edit your pages in the Replo editor or create new pages.

Overall, if you're thinking about uninstalling Replo, we recommend exploring the Free Plan first.

What do I need to learn in order to use Replo?

Replo's goal is to enable deep customization of your pages without any prior web development knowledge, so you don't need to learn anything in order to use Replo. We recommend reading the other pages on this site (you can start with Creating Your First Replo Page) to get a feel for how editing pages in Replo first.

If you've used similar tools like Figma or Webflow, Replo's interface will probably feel close to home. If you're confused about how something in Replo works, we're always available to help at

Does Replo leave around unused files in my Shopify Store's theme?

Replo currently requires a few theme-support files to be installed in your Shopify store's theme in order to function correctly. If you're interested in removing those files after you've installed Replo, please reach out to and we'd be happy to help you through the process.

What if I have a custom theme deployment process?

Replo customers have a wide range of processes for deploying updates to their Shopify themes, from just editing code manually to fully customized deployment pipelines. If you're interested in whether your custom theme deployment process will work with Replo, please reach out to and we can provide more information related to your specific process.

Can I edit the code of a Replo page?

Replo works like a Shopify developer - all Replo pages are saved back to your store's Shopify theme as if they had been custom-coded. However, Replo auto-generates and minifies this code for site speed, so we don't recommend trying to edit it. We recommend using a Custom HTML/Liquid Component if you need full control over the code of part of a Replo page.

Can I hire a contractor to build my Replo page?

Yes! Replo has partnerships with both agencies and Replo Experts who are available to help your team build on Replo. Please reach out to so we can put you in touch.

Can my web developers write custom interactive components for Replo pages?

Yes! Replo supports custom HTML and Liquid code which can be embedded in any Replo page. For more information, see Custom HTML and Liquid.

Does Replo work for platforms other than Shopify?

Currently, Replo only edits content on Shopify online stores. If you're interested in using Replo for a platform other than Shopify, please reach out to - we'd love to hear about how we can enable your process.

Does Replo work with Hydrogen?

We plan to support Shopify Hydrogen as a deployment platform in the near future. If you're interested in using Replo with Hydrogen, please reach out to - we'd love to hear about your process.

Does Replo work with Online Store 2.0?

Yes! Replo supports creating pages in Shopify stores with both Online Store 1.0 (legacy) and Online Store 2.0 themes.

Can I connect more than one store with a single Replo account?

Yes! There is no limit to how many Stores (or Projects) your Replo account can be connected to. You can learn more about Replo Projects here

How can I suggest a feature for Replo?

We value every bug report, feature request, or suggestion you make. Please reach out to to let us know what you'd like to see.

If you'd like to see what other Replo customers have requested, or make a feature request and subscribe so that we can stay in touch with you when the feature is implemented, you can also use Replo's Feature Request Board.

How can I get in contact with Replo support?

Replo support is available via email at or via the live-chat on any Replo page.

See Getting Help for more information.


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