Adding and Moving Components

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Replo makes it easy to add and rearrange new parts of every page using a drag and drop interface.

Adding Components

To add a component to the page:

  1. Find the Add Components tab on the left side of the editor.
  2. Hover over any component and click and drag to add it to the page.

While you're dragging over the page, you'll see a blue line. This line indicates where the component will be added - usually, it's to the top, bottom, left, or right of an existing component, or in between two existing components.

You can also drag components from the Add Components tab into empty Containers. In this case, you'll see the container highlighted in blue.

Basic Components and Saved Templates

Basic components, like TextImages, and Containers, can be added to the page by simply dragging them from the Add Components tab.

To add a Saved Template:

  1. Click on the "Saved Templates" tab at the top of the Add Components bar.
  2. Select the saved template you want, and click and drag it out as normal.

Dragging and Moving Components

You can also drag components inside the page to reorder or move them. To drag a component inside the page:

  1. Hover over the component you want to move: you should see it highlighted in the page.
  2. Click and drag the component to a new location. During the drag, you'll see the blue indicator line to preview where the new location will be.

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