Dynamic Data

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Dynamic Data is a powerful concept in Replo that allows your component configurations to be "bound" to data sources that are defined in another place. For example, you might have text that displays the price of the currently selected product on a product description page.

Replo allows many fields to be configured with dynamic values like this, which can make it easy to create pages that don't need to be manually updated when something else changes.

To select dynamic data for a component:

  1. Find the component field you want to make dynamic. A good example of this is the text content of a Text component.
  2. Click the "Dynamic Data" button on the right side of the component field.
  3. Find the data source you want to use. What data sources are available might depend on where the Text component is on the page - for example, if the text is inside a Product Box component, you will be able to select the product's description.
  4. Click the "Add Dynamic Data" button to associate the data source with the component field.

To remove a dynamic data source for a component:

  1. Find the component field that is dynamic.
  2. Click the "X" button. This will change the field back from a dynamic value into a regular value that you can edit.

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