Do you support Shopify Markets?

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Replo has currently supports a few features related to Shopify Markets:

Automatic detection of Markets URL paths

Interactions like Redirect To Product support markets sub-paths. That means if we detect a URL like "/products/yourproduct", Replo will automatically convert it to the current market sub-path so that your store's visitor gets redirected to "/en-gb/products/yourproduct" instead.

This ensures the context of which market your customer is on is sustained.

Translations, Currency and Market-Specific Product Data

Replo will automatically use the currency of whatever market the user is visiting on your Shopify Store to format things like product prices, compare-at prices, and other currency text. Replo uses the exact currency settings as they have been configured within Shopify - this means that things like placement of currency signs, spaces in currency display, and "." and "," characters for partial currency units are taken care of automatically for a user's corresponding market.

This support also extends to other market-specific data for a product, such as translations of text-attributes like "Product Title" or "Product Description". So long as the tool you are using to manage product data translations is using Shopify Markets to manage translated content, all translations will automatically be shown inside of your published Replo element for a user's selected market.


  • If a translation is not appearing as you expect it to, be sure to check that the app you use to manage your translated content is storing the translations in Shopify.
  • Compare-At-Prices not working across other markets?  This is likely because you haven't declared a Compare-At-Price on all of your markets.  This Community article talks to how you can achieve this.
  • If you have translated your Product Options (ex: you offer a shirt in "Green" in English and "Verte" in French), be sure that any corresponding Replo Swatches have been configured per variant instead of per option.
  • At this time, Replo does not support Shopify Markets in Blog Posts.

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