How to get marketing pixels (Meta, Tik Tok, etc.) to work with Replo Pages

Here's how to ensure marketing pixels are functioning correctly on Replo pages for tracking user interactions and custom events.


  • Access to your Shopify site's main theme.
  • Access to your marketing pixel and its installation instructions
  • Access to your Replo account
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript for custom event tracking.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Verify Pixel Installation on Shopify Theme:

  • If your marketing pixels (e.g., Meta Pixel, TikTok Pixel) are already installed on your Shopify site's main theme, they should automatically work on your Replo pages.
  • No additional action is required for basic pixel functionality.

2. Adding Custom Events to the Head Code:

  • If you need to add custom events that are not covered by the default pixel integration:
    • Navigate to the specific Replo page where you want to add the custom event.
    • Go to the page settings.
    • Find the section to add scripts to the <head> tag.
    • Paste your custom script or pixel code here.

3. Adding Custom Events to Specific Elements (e.g., Buttons):

  • To track interactions like button clicks:
    • Click on the button in the Replo editor.
    • Go to the Interactions tab.
    • Click on Add On Click Interaction.
    • Choose Run JavaScript.
    • Launch the code editor and paste in the JavaScript for your custom event.
    • Save the changes.
    • This will trigger the custom event when the button is clicked.

4. Testing and Validation:

  • After setting up the custom events, test them to ensure they are firing correctly.
  • Use tools like the browser's developer console or pixel-specific debugging tools to validate the events.


  • Custom events allow for more granular tracking and can be tailored to specific marketing goals.
  • Regularly review and update your pixel configurations to align with any changes in your marketing strategies or website updates.
  • If you encounter issues or need more advanced configurations, consider consulting with a developer or the support team of the specific pixel provider.

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